Project SEED
About Project SEED
A world-class gaming ecosystem transforming play-to-earn to mass adoption


Project SEED is the first multichain gaming ecosystem that includes a Game Studio, Gamefi, DAO and NFT Marketplace. Built by a AAA gaming team, we take play-to-earn gaming to a whole new level by bringing players the most human RPG experience with artistic landscape, enticing gameplay and addictive combat with your mates. We build games ready for both blockchain-savvy gamers as well as non-blockchain gamers.


Our vision is to disrupt and revolutionize the current current blockchain gaming ecosystem. We will close the gap between traditional gaming industry and blockchain gaming industry.


We build the ecosystem toward a noble mission of bringing blockchain to mass adoption through gaming. We believe that gaming is the catalyst to eliminate blockchain technology hurdles to daily life. While most blockchain gaming projects focus on building game on top of the blockchain, we approach from another perspective that is familiar and loved by millions people. We are building AAA gaming ecosystem that INTEGRATES blockchain technology.


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